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Takuya Shigeta
Teacher of Tokyo Metropolitan Matsubara High School, Setagaya, Tokyo, since 2016.
Teaching Music.

Musical Composition
Career Highlights----
Winning the first prize in the public contest for the school song of Nurses' School Narimasu, Itabashi, Tokyo.
Oui, c'est l'esprit won second place of wind music department of Sasagawa prize, 1985.
Budo to Shonen no Hanashi, A Tale of a Vine and a Boy, won the third place of chorus music department of Sasagawa prize, 1988.
Nativeness-"Psychosis"- won the prize for the 14th International Competition of electroacustic, analogic and digital music, 1993.
Suite for Mixed Chorus Ippon no Sujigumo, A Long Light Cloud, won the first prize in the general field of chorus suite department; a public contest for composition on poetry of Osamu Yazawa, 1995.

A member of the Chofu Baptist Church, Chofu, Tokyo.
Born in 196x, Fuchu, Tokyo.
After completing each course of The Eighth Elementary School of Fuchu, Tokyo, Junior High School and Senior High School attached to Kunitachi College of Music, Kunitachi College of Music, I got a master's degree in the Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, studying composition.
Married 1989. Living with my wife, 2 sons, and a cat in Fuchu, Tokyo.

I like traveling
Tours of Europe were made in 1990 and 1992 to participate in the Festal Course for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany.
The first one was a Familia, mazda. The next one was a Piazza, isuzu. Presently driving a Mazda Premacy after CITROEN ZX Break.
The first one was a PC286LE, EPSON. the next one was a Macintosh Classic II. Presently using a Power Macintosh and a DELL note.
I created some DOS applications for NEC 98-PC and some small software programs for the Macintosh.
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