Oui, c'est l'esprit

Yes, It is the Esprit

A march for a brass band
The work took second place in the wind music department of Sasagawa prize, 1985

Budo to Shonen no Hanashi

A Tale of a Vine and a Boy

A peace for mixed chorus with words by Hiroshi Kawasaki
The work won the third place of the chorus music department of Sasagawa prize, 1988


The work won the prize of 14th International Competition of electroacustic, analogic and digital music, 1993.

  1. Innocence Listen Me!

  2. Forest

  3. Autism

  4. Obsession


We, moderns, lose ourselves in our busy modern life.
We wish to recover our native selves.
Who take this wish in advance of us are persons who are called "psychosis", I think, because they are free from common ideas and common senses and carry their self-realization out through the freedom. That is, because they are not infected with social derangement and keep their individuality, they return to human nativeness. In this way, the paradox, that mental derangement goes to normalcy, holds good. Behavior as their own rhythm may give us primitive human pleasant sensation.

The whole work is monophonic to give expression to simplicity.
It is performed on a synthesizer, controlled by a computer through MIDI. Each pitch of each tone is controlled on a cent (1/100 semitone). It is apparently complicated, but according to essence of human, the uncertainty of pitch is natural, because a man can never sing a tone on same pitch again.

Computer: EPSON PC-286LE
Adapter from computer to MIDI: Musical Plan RS-232C MIDI OUT Adapter
Synthesizer: YAMAHA SY77
Computer program: Composer's own work on Turbo C++

Suite for Mixed Chorus

Ippon no Sujigumo

A Long Light Cloud

A Suite for mixed chorus and a piano with words by Osamu Yazawa.
Won the first prize of general field of chorus suite department of public contest for composition on poetries of Osamu Yazawa, 1995.
Gave the first public performance on November 3, 1996 at Main Hall of ARCADIA Culture Hall Mitsuke, Mitsuke, Niigata, by Arcadia Mixed Chorus, accompanied on piano by Yoko Kaneko, conducted by Yosuke Funabashi

  1. A Poem Goes Out
  2. Lonliness Comes
  3. To Worms
  4. Eanest and Indulgence
  5. What is your Purpose to Kill me?
  6. A Cuckoo/An Eggplant Flower
  7. Autumn Breese
  8. Bringing to Completion of a Poem
  9. Like after Reading a Love Poem
  10. The Sky is....
  11. <Love>
  1. Snow makes me....
  2. I feel Lonely
  3. In my Memory
  4. Eary Spring
  5. To Someone
  6. Preach me, Please,
  7. From me
  8. In my Mind
  9. The Autumn
  10. To You in my Mind
  11. A Long Light Cloud

Piano Pieces


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Hito mo Mono mo Toki mo
The Ten Commandments

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Kami no Ko tachi yo, Shu ni Kiese yo
Psalm 29

Listen | Score | Score with sound

Zenchi yo, Shu ni Mukatte Yorokobi no Koe o Ageyo
Psalm 100

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Lyric Work

Urei o Wasurete
Leaving Anxeties

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